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  • Limoncello Tour


    We're going to visit our lemon ground and continue the visit in the limoncello factory, where we will taste the limoncello and all other products. We will return then to Lubra follow the traditional recipe and prepare ourselves the real Limoncello of Sorrento

  • Extravergin Oil Tour


    We're going to visit our olive grove and then continue visiting the mill, where we will explain all the techniques of grinding the extra virgin olive oil of Massa Lubrense.

    We will see how to prepare: the lemon oil, rosemary oil, the oil craft, and oilio citrus.

    We will return then to Lubra for the preparation of the dishes to serve with various oils.

  • Wine Teste Tour


    With the participation of our friend sommelier, we assaggieremo the most delicious wines of our region and we will match them to our dishes.

    You will taste all the best wines Neapolitans and you will understand how to combine and how to serve them.

    Each lesson will include a tasting of:

    2 wines for appetizer

    3 wines for main dish

    2 wine for dessert

Pierre Gabant